Spotlight On: The Value of Culturally Specific Technical Assistance

Often when people think of technical assistance they think of getting help or support with something “techy” or mechanical like a computer, an electronically interfacing gizmo or digital application that is challenging them.

We are an electronic and digital reliant society.  Almost everything we do has some kind of electronic or digital component to it. Banking, health-monitoring, communicating and navigation are just a few examples of how technological our daily activities can be.  So, it’s not unusual to go in that direction when we hear the term “Technical Assistance Provider”.

However, the Technical Assistance provision that we will spotlight here emphasizes a human touch rather than an electronic footprint. This kind of technical assistance can be enlisted for support in finding solutions and recommendations to human challenges.

Technical Assistance providers for African American serving organizations offer a human touch by addressing prevention and intervention needs in U.S. African America/African Diaspora communities in a culturally specific way. TA providers are also a resource for other organizations that seek culturally specific expertise on how to reduce and eliminate Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence.

African American women, girls and transgender women are disproportionately represented on the sexual and physical violence continuum. TA providers serving African American organizations bring an extremely valuable knowledge of how to initiate constructive dialogue and develop effective programs that make positive strides in their communities.   These distinctively qualified TA providers use culturally-competent methodology that is appropriate and specific to their communities. Due to their unique insights, culturally specific TA providers are sought after resources to help identify best practices in decreasing gender-based violence in African American communities.

NBWJI will feature different culturally specific Technical Assistance providers serving African American organizations in this space. We are very pleased to be able to give these organizations the “Spotlight” as an acknowledgement of the critical work they do to serve African American/African Diaspora communities.

As well, by spotlighting these providers, we hope that you will refer to them as a resource for your organization’s training and technical assistance needs. If you are an organization that is seeking to partner with Technical Assistance providers for African American/African Diaspora serving organizations, we hope that you will refer to the providers listed on this website as a resource in your partnership search.

Yours in service,

The NBWJI Team

Article written by Ava Montgomery for NBWJI

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